Schubart on Salt Spring

I spent a part of the past weekend in a home on Salt Spring Island, BC, a very much geographically political independent entity (hey, it has its own currency), the island a short ferry ride off (the much larger) Vancouver Island, but still home to innumerable (neo-)hippies, draft dodgers, artisanal cheese makers, goat yogis, and the like. (Not to mention legendary children’s entertainer Raffi!)

The home I was lucky enough to visit was designed and built by Hank Shubart (1916-1998), a Californian draft dodger (if by way of his kids) himself. A direct acolyte of no less a figure than Frank Lloyd Wright, Shubart ended up designing over 200 homes (!) on the island. His homes are defined by organic, light-admitting designs. This was made evident, through the excellent work on Shubart available at my domicile of chance, Michele Dunkerley and Jane Hickie’s exquisite 2012 tome “Houses Made of Wood and Light”.

Regrettably, at the home, I didn’t take any pictures, but the post-and-beam construction—along with the fact that the custom-built wood windows (almost 40 years old!) showed little signs of deterioration—wowed me considerably. As such, you’ll have to do with some internet pics of Shubart’s Salt Spring work, below:



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